Welcome to my official website! I am grateful that I finally have a platform where I can speak my mind and be myself. As of 7/23/23, I have been committed to improving the website experience for users and will be make an effort to upload fresh content for you guys on the daily. Please consider supporting the website and thank you for visiting EDP445.com!

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  • "EDP445 is the GOAT!" -Steve- Bakersfield, CA

  • "My cousin couldn't stop laughing from EDP's shout-out roast." - Evan - Seattle, WA

  • "I can't wait for his live streams!" - Lorenzo - Chicago, IL

  • "EDP445 has never given up his love to entertain. RESPECT!" - Allan - Buffalo, NY

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EDP445 Merch

I am currently working on getting you guys sweet designs on T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, beanies. I will be rolling my official shop out soon!

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EDP445 Live

I will be streaming live on my website after being banned from multiple platforms. Sign up now! Limited 1k members enter.

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EDP445 Videos

Check out my latest videos. I love making content for you guys! Trying to get these bitches uploaded on the daily for my subscribers.


EDP Podcast

Check out the EDP podcast. EDP talks random subjects and bullshit while he's at work. He will be taking requests soon on topics from you guys. Check out his latest content.

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