Keemstar is a terrible father

The little mermaid can't be black

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Welcome to my official website! I will be updating weekly content for you guys. I am grateful that I finally have a platform where I can speak my mind and be myself! Thanks for visiting!

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  • "EDP445 is the GOAT!" -Steve- Bakersfield, CA

  • "My cousin couldn't stop laughing from EDP's shout-out roast." - Evan - Seattle, WA

  • "I can't wait for his live streams!" - Lorenzo - Chicago, IL

  • "EDP445 has never given up his love to entertain. RESPECT!" - Allan - Buffalo, NY

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I am currently working on getting you guys sweet designs on T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, beanies. I will be rolling my official shop out soon!

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I will be doing live streams on my website occasionally outside of Tik Tok. Look out for the Eagles AFC Championship game! I'd love to have a few of my homies chime in on my live stream.

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Check out my latest videos on Tik Tok. I love making content for you guys! Enjoy the vids mang.