The events that led to my set-up

The events that led to my set-up

I want to go into specific detail about the events that led up to my set-up because I don't feel like it was entirely clear in the video I released. 

  • 10/18/2019 - I flew out to Philadelphia, PA for the world premiere release of "Maybe Next Year."(I was featured in this documentary) I spoke extensively with Kyle Thrash, the film director from Wavelength Productions about future film opportunities and he assured me that he would be reaching out in the future. Here is a link to an article and a video below to confirm my time spent in Philadelphia in October of 2019.

  • 04/03/21 - I received an email from Chet Goldstein who claimed he was with Wavelength Productions. He told me that he had a film opportunity and wanted to know if I was interested. The email didn't address what type of film it was or what type of role I would be potentially acting out if I was selected. I responded to him and told him I was interested. As I had stated in the video, I deleted all my emails and unfortunately this one of the emails that I was unable to retrieve and forward to my attorney.
  • 04/04/21 - Chet informed me that Kyle was impressed with my work on the film, "Maybe Next Year" and that they wanted to give me a shot to try out for the part. He informed me that he was still trying to hash out details with a co-actor and their camera man and didn't have a set date, time and location but he would contact me as soon as they did. 

 Chet Goldstein Email 4/4/21

  • 04/07/21 - Chet sent me a short email asking me I knew where 2505 Mount Vernon Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93306 was and if it was close by. Unfortunately, this email was lost too. 
  • 04/09/21 - I didn't get back to him till the 9th, I looked up the location and it showed that it was a Rite Aid about sixteen minutes away from me on Google Maps so I emailed him back to confirm that was the location he was referring to for the meet up spot. 
  • 04/10/21 - Chet responded and confirmed that the location was correct, he also provided a date and time and informed me that they would have me act out/improv a random scene to determine if I was fit for the part. I was confident that this was a legit film opportunity.

Chet Goldstein Email 4/10/21


  • 04/18/21 - I arrived at the Rite Aid at about 1:50 pm and met up with Javier, the camera man. He walked me over to the apartment complex next to Rite Aid where I met Chet. 
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You moron. You need better skills at photoshop.

Daniel J Del Aguaro

Nah… you lying..


You can clearly see that the screenshot of the e-mail is fake and Photoshopped.
You need to stop lying, because nobody believes in you, and seek professional help.


even a child could’ve fabricated this better

Bryant Maryland

I understand how cruel the world is EDP i believe you an im sorry u had too go through this that guy Chet is the real monster in this situation🤬

Robert Kelly

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