Official Apology Video

Official Apology Video

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you know what i mean??


We forgive you


Yo, I heard all the bad things about you but as long as you are taking accountability for your actions, that’s all that matters. Many people believe that your apology video was kind of stupid because you never mentioned the things you exactly did but I know that you are on a road to recovery. Good luck and remember, every day is worth living for because you have no idea what is going to come out of the next one.


How do the comments work? Lol


Dear EDP, My name is Makhi, I peacefully contact you to let you know that you can be forgiven of your actions, The world may never forgive you, but Jesus Christ wants to forgive you. He also wants you to enjoy eternal life with him and God eternally in peace. And also EDP, I’d forgive you if I could. But I kindly just wanted to let you know that Jesus Wants to forgive you.


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